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8 Important Holiday Tips for Seniors

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Most of our clients fit into the ‘mature’ category, so feel we’re well-positioned to share eight important holiday tips for seniors with you. In amongst our personal safety and travel advice tips, the major message we want to share is that age is no barrier to experiencing the adventure of a lifetime! 

Top Holiday Tips for Seniors Heading Overseas 

A great holiday starts with a solid foundation. So before you book your tickets, it’s important to do your planning. Identify the areas and countries you want to visit, the experiences you want to enjoy, the type of facilities you will need and the type of tour which would suit you best. We find our clients enjoy the care and attention to detail our small group African safari tours offer, plus the luxurious accommodation and knowledgeable guides we provide. However, there are mature travellers who prefer to travel alone, and that’s perfectly achievable too.

To help ensure you have a fantastic trip, we’ve made a list of the eight most helpful holiday tips for seniors:

  • Book a check-up – make an appointment to have a health check with your GP. Not only will they be able to give you a clean bill of health, but can also advise on immunisations and ensure you have your required medicines available.
  • Hand luggage – luggage can go missing, so ensure you keep a change of clothes, your medications and any other essential items with you in your cabin luggage on your flight.
  • Exercise – the possibility of deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in legs is something everyone taking a long-haul flight should be aware of. Be sure to do regular leg exercises when sitting and we recommend wearing compression stockings when flying.
  • Choose a guided tour holiday – to avoid the hassle and uncertainty of travelling alone in a foreign country, join a tour group instead. We specialise in escorted luxury safaris for more mature travellers, and we also offer options for independent travellers to join a small group.  
  • Take travel insurance – comprehensive travel insurance is vital for everyone, especially seniors. We’re more at risk of falls and becoming unexpectedly ill and insurance will take care of any problems which may occur.
  • Take care with your meals – there are some countries in the world where it is unsafe to eat or drink locally. In others, the food is fine but may contain ingredients which cause undesirable side-effects. On our African safaris our delicious meals are prepared to a very high standard and safe drinking water is provided. 
  • Leave expensive items at home – over the years you will have collected some lovely jewellery or other expensive items. It’s best if you leave these at home as wearing them can make you a target for crime in some areas.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet exploring a lot, making the wearing of flat and enclosed footwear very important. Enclosed footwear may be hot, but will avoid any unwanted injuries from wildlife or environmental hazards.

Travelling is something we should all experience and age needn’t be the barrier you think it is. We’d love to take you around some of Africa’s most amazing wildlife destinations and breath-taking landscapes! Take a look at the African safari tours we have available and feel free to contact us to learn more!

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