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Travelling Solo on Safari in Africa

safari in Africa

A safari in Africa ranks high on your bucket list. The problem is, you are travelling alone and are not sure if you should head off on a safari or not. You may be concerned about your personal safety, or anxious about how you’ll cope organising your travel, accommodation and food. The good news is though, travelling solo on safari in Africa is not only safe but great fun too!

We’ve been escorting small group safaris through Africa for over 30 years now and many of our clients are solo travellers. They join up with us for the organised safari, then head off and continue on their own or go home afterwards. We’ve found that women travelling on their own particularly enjoy the security our small guided safari groups offer, retaining their independence while enjoying the company of fellow travellers. Let’s look at some great snippets of advice about travelling solo on safari in Africa.

Planning a Solo Safari in Africa? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you’re planning a solo safari, the first thing to decide upon is location. Where about in Africa do you want to visit? Often this is determined by the wildlife, people and scenery you want to see. Other things to consider are:

  • What type of accommodation are you wanting? A backpacker style, staying in hostels or bunk beds? Or a more refined glamping safari, with award-winning tents or even a lodge?
  • What is your budget? An organised and guided safari will have all of the hard work done for you. This means your accommodation, travel, meals and itinerary are all mapped out. Of course, this can mean a slightly higher cost than if you were to organise everything yourself.
  • Choose a smaller group safari for a more comfortable experience. One of the reasons you’re a solo traveller may be that you enjoy your own company and not that of a crowd. A small group safari gives you that privacy and independence, far more than a safari with a larger number of guests would.
  • Pack wisely, as when you’re travelling on your own, its harder to borrow something from someone else. If you were travelling with friends, it’s no biggie if you forget your insect repellent. On your own though, you may not feel comfortable asking to borrow someone else’s.

You can expect a fabulous experience as a solo traveller on one of our many small group safaris in Africa. Escorted by experienced guides, they’re ideal for travellers on their own who want the hassle and worry of organising their own safari taken care of, while being with a small group of like-minded guests!

We’d love to take you on safari in Africa! Drop us a note today about your dream safari and together we’ll make it happen!

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