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How wide do you like your horizons? And how open do you like the road ahead?… Namibia is a landscape of striking contrasts: dramatic coastlines; shifting deserts; majestic canyons; lush, river-fed plains; rugged mountains; and adrenalin-busting ocean waters. But for all its awe-inspiring natural splendour, Namibia also conveys a compelling human tale: the extant Himba and San tribespeople offer insight into their noble, ancient wisdom; the plentiful shipwrecks which frame the Skeleton Coast speak of lives lost to risk and adventure in bygone days; whilst the uncomfortable history of colonial settlement and oppression is told through the architecture and museums of the towns and cities. In spite of the apparent desolation of some of its landscapes, wildlife has evolved to survive the harsh, arid climate, with desert-adapted elephants, lions, and black rhinos inspiring highlights to observe. Often described as ‘other-worldly’, Namibia is a place for adventure; a place to relish the freedom of the wind in your hair, the sun on your back; and to embrace the journey…

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Namibia Under Canvas

Imagine the thrill of tracking free-roaming black rhinos on foot in remote Damaraland, seeing desert-adapted elephants, sleeping under a canopy of stars in the Namib desert, or watching a stealthy leopard at the waterhole in front of your comfortable tent... You'll enjoy all of this and more on your Namibia Under Canvas safari.
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Botswana Under Canvas

On this Botswana Under Canvas safari you'll experience the magic of a mobile camp with no more than 7 guests. It covers the very best of Botswana: Chobe, Savute, Khwai and Moremi, in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Enjoy game drives, a mokoro excursion, and, of course, witness incredible wildlife.