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Botswana and Zimbabwe, Kanga elephants

Be an animal-friendly traveller

Whether you’re travelling in Africa or anywhere else in the world, you’ll often encounter opportunities to interact with animals. Elephant rides, walking with lions, or photos with cute baby animals all offer close wildlife interactions. As an animal-friendly traveller, you’ll want to avoid them. In Africa, these activities are often promoted as sanctuaries or rescue...
Kalahari Camp Sundowners

Post-Covid travel in Africa

The travel industry has been turned on its head since March 2020. Border closures, quarantine, and PCR testing have become common phrases. Health and safety are top of mind when contemplating post-Covid travel. But now, after two years of restrictions, things are changing. Our favourite African destinations no longer require a PCR test for fully...
Mwagusi safari camp, Tanzania

5 Reasons to visit Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Ruaha National Park is one of Tanzania’s best-kept secrets. It is unspoiled Africa with magnificent wildlife and very few visitors – it’s rare to see another vehicle. Overshadowed by the popularity of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, it delivers an exceptional safari experience without the crowds of the busy northern parks. Those of us that...
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What NOT to wear on safari

An African safari is truly a bucket-list, and often life-changing, adventure. And being well prepared ensures it really is the trip you’ve always dreamed of. Days on safari can be long, dusty, and action-packed, and having the right clothes can make a big difference to your experience. An African safari isn’t about fashion, it’s about...
giraffe Kenya - what not to wear on safari

5 questions when planning your African safari

At African Encounters, I frequently get asked questions from travellers who are planning their first African safari. Our guests receive comprehensive pre-departure information and updated border requirements. These 5 frequently asked questions may help when preparing for your African safari.  What vaccinations do I need before going on safari? We’re Africa travel specialists, not medical...
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Africa’s Secret Seven – do you know them?

If you’ve been on safari you may have seen the Big Five, possibly also the Small Five, and maybe even the Ugly Five. But have you heard of Africa’s Secret Seven? Africa’s Secret Seven aren’t easy to spot – in fact, they are the most difficult game animals to discover on safari. They are extremely...
Dollars and more, money matters on safari

Dollars and more – Money Matters on Safari

Dollars or local currency? Money is always a major consideration when travelling overseas. How Much Cash do I Need?  On a mid range to luxury safari you will need very little cash as most things will be included in your safari package. On a budget safari you will generally be required to contribute to a...
morning tea with elephants on your African safari

5 tips when planning your African safari

While there are some things you really do need to take seriously when planning your safari (more about those in another blog!), there are other things that people tend to worry about much more than necessary. Here are my Top 5 tips to take the stress out of planning your African safari.   1. Support When...
Your African safari - morning tea with elephants

Supporting conservation and communities

Commitment to local conservation and community projects are things we look for when choosing our partners on the ground in Africa, together with superb accommodation and exceptional service, of course!