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botswana mobile safari

Why Choose a Mobile Safari?

A mobile safari isn’t just about seeing Africa’s incredible wildlife, it’s about being immersed in nature. It’s hearing the sounds of the night, feeling close to nature, experiencing the wilderness with all the senses. It’s hearing the sounds of the night, feeling close to nature, experiencing the wilderness with all the senses – and enjoying...
baby zebra serengeti green season

6 Reasons to Choose a Green Season Safari in Tanzania

When you think of a safari in Tanzania, images of vast plains dotted with majestic animals probably come to mind, the iconic Serengeti landscape of countless nature documentaries. However, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by intrepid travellers – the green season.  Yes, you may get rain but you will see the Ngorongoro...
south luangwa TT

Carmine Bee-Eaters

The arrival of southern carmine bee-eaters in their colourful breeding plumage is a highlight for anyone visiting South Luangwa in September. Carmine bee-eaters are summer migrants to Zambia, forming large noisy colonies in the steep sandy banks of the Luangwa River. With an estimated 10,000 breeding pairs their loud chirping can be heard more than...
Vulturine guinea fowl northern Kenya

Escape the crowds in remote northern Kenya

Northern Kenya, formerly known as the Northern Frontier District, is one of the last remaining true wilderness areas in Africa. It’s home to breathtaking landscapes and an abundance of unique wildlife. Nestled in the heart of the rugged and beautiful landscapes of this region you’ll find superb accommodation, exceptional game viewing – and few tourists....
roan antelope malawi

5 reasons you should visit Malawi

A safari in Malawi is not only about the wildlife, but also about memorable experiences and stunning landscapes. Less well-known than its neighbours, this tiny country with a big heart is a favourite of discerning safari guests who want to experience an abundance of animals without the hordes of vehicles seen in some of Africa’s...
elephant in Ruaha, Tanzania

Southern Tanzania is an unspoilt wilderness

Southern Tanzania is a vast, remote region, and is without a doubt my favourite destination in this beautiful country. Unlike Tanzania’s more famous safari destinations, you’ll escape the crowds here, and enjoy a more exclusive safari experience. A southern Tanzania safari fits the bill perfectly!
zebra Kenya

Why Africa is perfect for post-pandemic travel

If you’re ready to jump on a plane again, here’s why Africa should be high on your list for safe post-pandemic travel… The travel industry was one of the first casualties of the Covid-19 pandemic, but after almost 3 years of isolation, things are finally starting to look up. Borders are open, PCR tests and...
leopard Botswana - what not to wear on safari

8 Fascinating Facts about Leopards

Leopards are perhaps the most beautiful of Africa’s big cats. They are certainly the most secretive, and in contrast to lions or cheetahs, they are mainly active at night. Their adapted retinas allow them to see seven times better in the dark than humans! During the day they can sometimes be seen looking very relaxed stretched along...
Botswana and Zimbabwe, Kanga elephants

Be an animal-friendly traveller

Whether you’re travelling in Africa or anywhere else in the world, you’ll often encounter opportunities to interact with animals. Elephant rides, walking with lions, or photos with cute baby animals all offer close wildlife interactions. As an animal-friendly traveller, you’ll want to avoid them. In Africa, these activities are often promoted as sanctuaries or rescue...