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botswana mobile safari
A mobile safari isn’t just about seeing Africa’s incredible wildlife, it’s about being immersed in nature. It’s hearing the sounds of the night, feeling close to nature, experiencing the wilderness with all the senses. It’s hearing the sounds of the night, feeling close to nature, experiencing the wilderness with all the senses – and enjoying...
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baby zebra serengeti green season
When you think of a safari in Tanzania, images of vast plains dotted with majestic animals probably come to mind, the iconic Serengeti landscape of countless nature documentaries. However, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by intrepid travellers – the green season.  Yes, you may get rain but you will see the Ngorongoro...
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south luangwa TT
The arrival of southern carmine bee-eaters in their colourful breeding plumage is a highlight for anyone visiting South Luangwa in September. Carmine bee-eaters are summer migrants to Zambia, forming large noisy colonies in the steep sandy banks of the Luangwa River. With an estimated 10,000 breeding pairs their loud chirping can be heard more than...
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Dollars and more, money matters on safari
Dollars or local currency? Money is always a major consideration when travelling overseas. How Much Cash do I Need?  On a mid range to luxury safari you will need very little cash as most things will be included in your safari package. On a budget safari you will generally be required to contribute to a...
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morning tea with elephants on your African safari
While there are some things you really do need to take seriously when planning your safari (more about those in another blog!), there are other things that people tend to worry about much more than necessary. Here are my Top 5 tips to take the stress out of planning your African safari.   1. Support When...
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Walking with San Bushmen in Botswana
Commitment to local conservation and community projects are things we look for when choosing our partners on the ground in Africa, together with superb accommodation and exceptional service, of course!
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plan a safari
When it’s time to attack your bucket list and plan a safari, you want to make sure you get it right! After all, for most of us, a safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But to plan a safari the right way, you need to know certain things and as NZ safari tour...
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Hwange, Zimbabwe
As much as it’s about being there and seeing everything in person, taking photos on safari is also important. As well as providing you with memories of your African adventure, you can also share them with others, turn them into large wall canvases or even sell them to fund your next safari adventure. Whether you...
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Botswana and Zimbabwe, Hwange lions
On an African safari, seeing the Big Five game animals ranks highly on most people’s lists. A term originally coined by big-game hunters, the Big Five are said to be the most dangerous African animals to hunt on foot. However, this term is now used to talk about five of the most popular African animals....
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healthy on an African safari
One of the questions we get often asked by clients is how they can stay healthy on an African safari. After all, when you’re out on safari, there is limited access to medical support. Clients want to know how they can prevent themselves from becoming sick with illnesses we don’t see here in New Zealand....
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