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How to Plan a Safari the Right Way

plan a safari

When it’s time to attack your bucket list and plan a safari, you want to make sure you get it right! After all, for most of us, a safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But to plan a safari the right way, you need to know certain things and as NZ safari tour guides, we’re the best people to tell you them! Today we explain the dos and don’ts of planning your upcoming African safari, so let’s get going!

Planning your safari can seem daunting at first. While well-meaning travel agents offer some advice, there’s no better way to learn the right way to plan a safari than from the safari experts themselves! Having planned and travelled on hundreds of African safaris, plus actually lived in Africa too, we’re excited to share our top safari planning tips with you.

  • Decide on your safari destination first. From Kenya to TanzaniaBotswana to Zambia or Zimbabwe, there are so many amazing African countries you can visit. Consider combining at least two of these countries to make the most of your safari experience.
  • Choose a small group safari tour. While there is nothing wrong per se with large group safaris, guests often feel short-changed because of the way the tour operates. In a small group safari, there is personalised attention, good mingling with other tour participants and the opportunity to stay at boutique safari camps. On a large tour, travellers are often seen as a number only and need to fight the crowds to glimpse any animals.
  • Consider staying in private conservancies. You’ll avoid the crowds in the parks and support local communities and conservation. The wildlife is incredible and you’ll have it all to yourself with no other vehicles around.
  • Fly rather than drive where you can. Instead of spending an entire day travelling between safari parks or camps, fly there! Not only does this provide you with an aerial view, but also gives you more time at your destination to explore.
  • Pack carefully, not extravagantly. An African safari has different luggage requirements than a trip to Australia. As well as our list of safari essentials, it’s also important to pack comfortable and practical clothing, spare batteries for cameras and a warm jacket or pashmina for those cooler mornings and evenings.
  • Talk with other safari travellers. While we can offer you the benefit of our experience and knowledge, you can’t beat hearing it from safari guests themselves. We have plenty of past safari guests who would love to share with you their experiences of African safaris. Simply contact us and we’ll put you in touch with them ASAP.

If you’d like more help to plan a safari for yourself or others, we’d love to help you. From bouncing around ideas to recommending which safari tour is your best option, you can expect to receive nothing but honest advice from us. Give us a call today.

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