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single use plastic bags

Passengers to Zanzibar are being warned not to bring single-use plastic bags, including zip lock bags, to the island. This comes after the government began to strictly enforce a ban on all plastic bags which was introduced in October 2018.

Zanzibar has joined the growing list of African countries which have banned single-use plastic bags. Kenya, Morocco, Mauritania, Rwanda, Uganda and Malawi have already banned plastic bags, and Tanzania will also enforce a total ban from June 2019.

Botswana’s plan to introduce a ban from November 2018 has been put on hold while consultations on the implementation of the ban take place.

Zambia has a ban on all plastic carrier bags below 30 microns in thickness and Zimbabwe has banned all styrofoam food containers.

The Namibian Government has banned plastic bags in national parks and nature reserves as from 22 November 2018.

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