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elephant in Ruaha, Tanzania
Southern Tanzania is a vast, remote region, and is without a doubt my favourite destination in this beautiful country. Unlike Tanzania’s more famous safari destinations, you’ll escape the crowds here, and enjoy a more exclusive safari experience. A southern Tanzania safari fits the bill perfectly!
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Eco-tourism in Botswana
The absolute essence of a safari with African Encounters is the wildlife that we get to experience. Africa is full of majestic creatures that we are all in awe of when we see them on safari. But it’s no secret that wildlife populations are dwindling around the globe. Some species are on the brink of...
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Amboseli, Kenya
National Parks, concessions and conservancies  – what’s the difference? When you’re planning your African safari you’ll no doubt have come across these terms. If you’re a bit confused about them, you’re not alone, so let’s discuss the differences. Conservancies Conservancies are generally found in East Africa, especially Kenya and Tanzania. A conservancy is private land,...
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Madagascar lemur
Madagascar is home to an extraordinary array of weird and wonderful animals and plants.
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Zambia elephants
Zambia is one of Africa's last true wildernesses. If it's not on your bucket list, it should be!
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