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plan a safari

How to Plan a Safari the Right Way

When it’s time to attack your bucket list and plan a safari, you want to make sure you get it right! After all, for most of us, a safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But to plan a safari the right way, you need to know certain things and as NZ safari tour...
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Hwange, Zimbabwe

7 Tips for Taking Photos on Safari

As much as it’s about being there and seeing everything in person, taking photos on safari is also important. As well as providing you with memories of your African adventure, you can also share them with others, turn them into large wall canvases or even sell them to fund your next safari adventure. Whether you...
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healthy on an African safari

How to Stay Healthy on An African Safari

One of the questions we get often asked by clients is how they can stay healthy on an African safari. After all, when you’re out on safari, there is limited access to medical support. Clients want to know how they can prevent themselves from becoming sick with illnesses we don’t see here in New Zealand....
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sundowners Chobe Botswana

8 Important Holiday Tips for Seniors

Most of our clients fit into the ‘mature’ category, so feel we’re well-positioned to share eight important holiday tips for seniors with you. In amongst our personal safety and travel advice tips, the major message we want to share is that age is no barrier to experiencing the adventure of a lifetime!  Top Holiday Tips...
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hand luggage

What should you pack in your hand luggage?

Airlines are tightening up on luggage restrictions these days, and there's nothing worse than having to repack at check-in!
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